Parts Selection Guide

Utility Body

Service Body and Cab Power Locks

Power Locks Added to Cab and Body

  • (1) MES-2D, or HD2D, RC door lock kit
    (for cab doors)
  • (6) Actuators Direct Drive, PL Series or Flat Act Series (compartment doors).
  • (1) PLW910 slave entry relay controller

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Work Truck

Work Shells and Cab Power Locks

Cab Triggered System

  • (3) PLV Actuator or RAJ1B1
    (compartment doors).
  • (3) PL801 if ordering PLV
  • (1) MES2D-RC Door Lock Kit (cab doors) with Keyless Entry

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Tool Box Power Locking

Tool Boxes and Cab Power Locks

Tool Boxes and Cab Power Locks

  • (1) MES2D-RC Door Lock Kit (cab doors) with Keyless Entry
  • (2) PLV or RAJ1B1 Power Lock Kits (tool box)
  • (2) PL801 adhesive mounting base if ordering PLV

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Fire Truck Keyless Entry

Ambulance and Rescue Vehicles

Ambulance and Rescue Vehicles

  • (1) MES-4D or HD-4D Door Lock Kit (cab personnel door)
  • (6) PLIV Actuator (compartment door)
  • (6) PL801 Adhesive Mounting Base
  • (1) PRO Controller I or II
  • (3) RS1 Flex Switch™

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RV Security

Motor Coach Campers Trailers

Compartment and Entry Door - Full Featured

  • (1) Pro Security / Relay Controller
  • (3) Flex Switch™ RS1 or RS2 (wireless switching)
  • (10) MESFRA-2 Actuator (compartment door)
  • (1) PLIII Door Lock Kit (personnel door)
  • (3) Channel Cab and Body (independent)

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Entry Doors

Entry Door Only -
Non Compartment Keyless Entry Power Locking

  • (1) MESFRA Actuator Kit (entry door)
  • (1) RC35a™ Keyless Entry Relay
  • (2) Flex Switches™ RS1 or RS2

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