Copying is the sincerest form of flattery


HDC has been honored time after time for having the most copied product in our industry. HDC was the first to introduce the industry with POPLocks™, Sequential Locking, Flex Switch, HAC, HD Pad, Top Pop™ and Abumper™. HDC likes to say: If it's not new useful and a value it's not ours.


Our Mission


Continue being an industry leader, to not follow behind developed products or "just hand off goods."



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P.O.P. Locks™ is an acronym for Protect Ones' Property. This trademark is recognized through our industry as power locking.

Founder, Steve Harvey, is a commercial building contractor. In the late 50%0's, at a truck dealership, ordering a new utility truck. Frustrated with theft simply do to a box left unlocked, he asked the toolbox be outfitted with electric locks. The service body manufacturers reply was, “Good idea, wish I could do it.” After a few days of tinkering, an early POPLock™ was born. Immediately, tradesmen working at his job sites were asking to have their trucks outfitted. A new industry was born. The need to build and design new products is the foundation and credo of HDC. Uniquely, this passion has passed to the next generation of family who are, already, taking HDC to new frontiers.


Electric locking of simple locks used with toolbox latches were not power lock capable. Since 1991, this introduction of the industry's first power locking product has enabled end users a new, modern way to securing their valuables. HDC followed up with control systems to meet the unique needs of multi-compartment vehicles. POPLocks™ soon found their way to the factories of ambulances, fire trucks, rescue and service vehicles as an O.E.M. option. Our collective experience has brought us to our current developments. We have developed technologies and strategic manufacturing partnerships around the world to bring these new and innovative products to you.


Information on our newest developments are available on the what's new page.

Move to Texas


HDC made Austin, TX their new home in 2005. Our need for a new facility and geographical placement made Austin an easy choice.


Suitable land in Austin was located and designs for a green building were completed shortly after. We rolled up our sleeves and got building.


In a few short months we built several of the most efficient buildings in Austin.

Nearly all work stations including offices upstairs have windows to bring in natures own light. Concrete construction reduces cooling and heating costs. All storm water is collected on the property.


Who We Are


New Building

Steve Harvey


Thank you for 20 years.
Loyal customers, you are considered family at HDC. We look forward to another 20 wonderful years.

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Chad Harvey

Support Engineer




New Building

Cindy Danley

Accounts Receivable


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Morgan Newcomb

Web and Marketing


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Cory Howell

Support & Shop Technician


New Building

John Holmes

Warehousing and Shipping

New Building

Emmie, Tank, Sophie

Reporting to work after their early morning commute.


New Building


On first floor security duty.


New Building

HDC Dog Rule:

You can take a break at HDC anytime. This break must include throwing the ball for at least one dog.


New Building

No Bull

Actually there's lots of bull around here. Actual neighbors pet sporting the burnt orange University of Texas Colors.






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